Wrangler JK 7 "HID & LED Halo Upgrade Headlights For Jeep

DESCRIPTION These are versatile beams of light. Ideal for great vision views. The size is 7 "round and fits all 7" apps .. The only other dimensions out there are 5.75 "and 4.5" so if you go and take a measure it will be pretty obvious for you ...

Products Specifications:

These are versatile beams of light. Ideal for great vision views. Size is 7 "round and fits all 7" apps .. Other sizes only 5.75 "and 4.5" so if you go and take a measure it will be quite obvious for You are the normal size you need. They are a normal direct replacement 7 "round sealing or half-sealed jeep wrangler led headlights. Fitting is dead easily. Remove the outer metal retaining (3 screws) and light falling in your hand. Only need the old plug and plug. Re- Put the light and screw on the holder and you are done. No need to remove the grill or the headlight around. TOP"at the top for the best beam and light beam to be best managed Reflector light is made of glass complete BMC and formatted to project light as far as possible with good vision Glass flat lens It is smooth so as not to interrupt long-distance light. It also makes it ideal for HID applications.


Stand on the plane horizontally and run the cord back and forth. Fixed with screws provided at both ends. Please refer to the technical drawing for mounting instructions.


  • · They are almost indestructible. Wont even break with a hammer.
  • Economy only 40w at low beam and 60w at high beam - no need to forward or upgrade the wire. They draw less factory lights.
  • · They come with a plug and play wire harness.
  • · The body is cast aluminum so it is not rust and durable.
  • · Lens is a carbonate - not plastic and not glass. You can hit it with a hammer and it wont even scratch.
  • · The precise projector lens controls excellent light direction.

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LoL and Doom on Linux or what grew Wine

Everything in Linux is good, but here only with applications and games is stressful. And for the game developers are fighting much harder than for the application to work, but, first things first.

Once upon a time, developers of free software and part-time Linux users were so desperate to wait for support in the applications of their favorite operating system they needed, that they decided to use Mahomet's method of making Linux support Windows applications. This is how the WINE project was born, which stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator, which, as it were, underlines that this is not a snag, and everything is much more complicated and serious. Instead of emulating Windows or running it in a virtual machine, it was decided to simply add support for the Windows-based Linux APIs (according to a similar principle, but the Linux subsystem also works at a deeper level in Windows 10). The product turned out just magical: Photoshop and Microsoft Office can now be run on Linux, and the windows of these programs lived according to Linux rules, the applications were like native, with the exception of some additional bugs that were somehow repaired with additional fixes and updates to Wine. And this was the main problem: the installation of such applications was accompanied by the lengthy settings of Wine, the installation of additional libraries and other dances with a tambourine, and for each application there was a dance.

There were attempts to simplify everything (Play On Linux, Winetricks, etc.), but really didn’t just become: there were fewer movements in the dance, but still the same googling, fermentation on forums, etc. There are, however, paid tools like CrossOver, which with one touch can install the Office or some other popular program from the supported list, but we are not interested in it: this is for money!

Good news came from game stores like GOG and Steam, which allowed Linux users to sell games. There were those who honestly recompiled their games under the new platform, but there were quite a few who realized that in order to cover these one and a half percent of desktops, it is enough to simply tie up their game with this very Vine to ensure that all settings were set correctly make sure everything works stably, and pack it into an easily deployable package so that Wine does all the work, but for the players everything remains user-friendly. Such games were set up as normal Linux applications, they worked properly and did not require any settings, and only attentive users could search the logs and notice that the game pulls Wine through dependencies.

Great idea! Let all manufacturers do it all at once, and there will be no problems! But no, the mountain is not going to Mohammed again. And again there were those who undertook to fix it! And this time, everything will be beautiful. The first tool that could be called “Wine for Housewives” was Winepak. The idea is as follows: Winepak development enthusiasts take a game or an application (they still have more enthusiasm for games), set up Wine for it and pack it in Flatpak format (this is the way applications are distributed, with sandboxes and permishens). Now you need to install Winepak ONE TIME (one command in the command line) and World Of Tanks, League of Legends, Owerwatch and a few other supported games will appear in the standard application store (see the list here ). But that is not all.

On August 22, 2018, this record appeared in Steam . It says that for the last couple of years the guys from Valve have been struggling with a tool that will allow them to run games from Steam for Windows on Linux. There is a list of proven games, including, for example, the latest Doom, and it says that there are no problems with these games, and even FPS sags not much due to the fact that Vulkan is responsible for the graphics, which works fine on Linux. All this is still in beta, but it works now, and besides the games from the list, you can try installing any game from the Steam wind library in general, and on Youtube you can already find a video with the launch, for example, GTA V. set the game through Steam as usual and play. And only the inscription in the store will indicate that the game is placed via Steam Play. So it goes.